Your Guide to New Car Prices in Australia

car pricing in ausralia

Looking to buy a new set of wheels? There is something you should know. The car prices in Australia have gone through a shift recently, and the new car prices are something you need to be aware of before you hit the car lots.

Knowing about the price of certain models and car types will help you set your budget and affordability, along with making it easy for you to narrow down the kind of car you are looking for.

Therefore, we have compiled this guide with authentic information about the new car prices in Australia.

What are the advantages of new pricing?

The new car pricing and the policy attached to it carry certain advantages for customers who are about to buy new cars. For once, the price you will see on the cars standing in the car lots will be the “drive-away” price – no charges or additional price will be attached to it.

Since there are no “hidden charges” allowed, the list prices will include everything, including the full on-road costs of the car. The list price will also include the delivery charges, documentation fee, third-party insurance, stamp duty, dealer preparation charges, and registration fees.

Due to such policies by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), popular family cars, like Commodore or Ford Falcon, now cost as much as $4,000.

Moreover, if the dealer is selling a new vehicle and the price includes registration of fewer than 12 months, the dealer is liable to convey that clearly to the buyer. No potential mislead or misrepresentation is allowed, all the vehicle advertisements and display pricing should be crystal clear.

State-wise differences

Although the policy is the same, it affects each state of Australia differently, making slight changes in the car price in every state.

1.  Stamp duty

That is because additional charges (now included within the listed price) are different in each state. For instance, stamp duty in Victoria is 2.5% for cars up to $57,009 and in NSW is 3% for cars up to $45,000. Similarly, stamp duty is different in different parts of Australia; South, Western, Queensland, and Tasmania.

2.  Delivery charges

Delivery charges or “dealer delivery” is the cost (now within the list price) that the dealer charges for preparing the car for the customer. It is about $5,000 on European imported high-end cars and $2,000 for cars that are built locally within the country.

3.  Third-party insurance fee

Third-party insurance fee (that is compulsory to pay) also varies from state to state, and from community to community.

The difference in costs of average cars in different states and brands in Australia

Due to the aforementioned charges that are different in each state, the car prices fluctuate in every other state.

If we take an example of a family car of Ford Falcon, a 5-speed automatic white sedan, purchased by a metro dealer, then the car price in Australia is $41,740 in Melbourne, $42,462 in Canberra, $42,806 in Adelaide, $41,500 in Sydney, $42,249 in Perth, and so on.

Talking about different average-standard cars, the average car prices are around:

  • $36,647 in South Australia
  • $38,519 in Western Australia
  • $41,327 in Victoria
  • $47,635 in Tasmania
  • $42,266 in Queensland, and…
  • $38,665 in New South Wales

Now, let’s talk about the average number of cars by the 5 most popular car brands in Australia.

  • The average Toyota car costs around $39,187
  • The average Holden car costs around $36,642
  • The average Mazda car costs around $32,681
  • The average Hyundai car costs around $27,881, and…
  • The average Ford car costs around $41,337

Change in Advertisement by Car Dealers

Since the release of the policy by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), car dealers were forced to remove the mention of price from their printed advertisements.

Car dealers have been taking down their printed ads and updating the prices of vehicles advertised on their social network pages and official websites. That is because the old prices weren’t in compliance with the newly released pricing policy.

This has made it possible for us to identify exactly how much money car dealers were charging as “hidden costs.”

After the change of the listed prices and full disclosure by the car dealers, the difference in the new and old prices was noticed to be up to $3,000 on a $20,000-car in each state, which means that the dealers were charging hidden costs of up to $3,000 before they were required to disclose the full cost.

This change has made it very easy for people to apply for car financing and figure out down payments. Due to the new price guide for cars, it has become quite simple to figure out the budget and affordability if you are looking to buy a new car. Now, you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs or the charges you will be required to pay upfront in cash – it’s all there in front of you.


The change in car prices in Australia can land the first impression that car prices have increased, but it’s actually the betterment for the customers. Car prices aren’t actually increased; they would just now include all the charges you were paying as different costs along with the car cost. It means no hidden charges, only drive-away price. It has made the whole process a lot easier and simple. 


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