How Do I Sell My Car?

selling my car

We don’t drive the same car for the rest of our lives. The need to sell the car can land upon any of us, and when the time comes, we should be prepared for it.

Selling a car can be a hectic process. It comes with a lot of stress and potential problems, but nothing that cannot be avoided. There are some steps in the process of selling a car in Australia that you need to be aware of. If you know these steps, you wouldn’t need to stress over small problems.

Before you just take your car’s pictures and put them up online, there are some questions you need to answer and some things you need to gather. Keep on reading.

How Do You Want to Sell Your Car?

There are multiple ways to sell your car. What’s important is, how fast you want to sell it, and how eager you are to chase the highest possible bidder.

A dealership

If you take your car to a dealership for a trade-in, you might not get the highest amount for it. Of course, the dealer is planning to sell your car off to someone else in the future, so they will quote you the amount that leaves them a profit margin. However, there is a pro: you don’t have to look too much for a buyer. Just go to a couple of dealers and the car is off your hands.

Private buyer

On the other hand, if you put your car online for sale or spread the word around the neighborhood, it is likely that a private buyer will contact you, who is intending to buy the car to drive themselves.

In general, private buyers are much more likely to pay the deserving amount for your car than the dealership. No wonder you see a car ad online almost every day.

However, before “the buyer” finally shows up, your cell phone is likely to get stormed by hundreds of calls and texts. And people who will ask you a million questions about your car will probably not even buy it in the end. To get out of the sale, they will quote you ridiculous amounts and show distress over the smallest problems.

But if you are willing to go through all that to make sure your car is paid what you want, sell it privately.

Friends and family

Another way to sell your car is to try to sell it to a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or someone you know. In most cases, these people have already seen your car (or have been inside it), so they what’s good and what’s not.

Moreover, they are not likely to bargain too much because they know you personally.

However, there is a con: If you sell your car to someone you know, and if your car develops a problem in the future, they will call you directly and have an awkward conversation with you, as if the car is still your responsibility and you knew the problem would occur. But that’s a risk you will have to take if you want to sell easily.

Online car trading platforms

There are multiple verified and well-reviewed car trading platforms where you can buy or sell a car anytime. All you have to do is upload pictures of your car with all the necessary details, along with the price you want. They will either buy the car off your hands in 24 hours or find a buyer for you.

To find a perfect buyer for you quickly, these sites can charge a small fee, but if you want to make a sale without all the hassle, this way is recommended.

Steps to Sell Your Car

Whatever way you choose to sell your car, there are some pre-sale steps you will have to take in order to attract a good price.

  • Prepare your car for sale

Preparing your car means giving it a good-looking condition. If there are scratches or dents that need fixing, get them fixed. If there is trash below the car seats or coffee stains on the seat covers, you need to get it all cleaned up. Make sure the windows are also clean.

These small make-over tips might even cost you a bit, but at least they wouldn’t let you fail in the negotiations while you are selling your car.

  • Prepare the paperwork

All the car documents necessary to make this a legal sale should be within your accessibility. Don’t wait for a buyer to show to ready the paperwork. It should all be gathered even before making up a car ad.

If the buyer shows up and you don’t have the paperwork ready on the spot, this delay can even cost you your sale.

  • Decide the price sensibly

It is important to set the right price. It should be high enough to make room for the negotiation, but not too high to scare the buyers away.

Depending on your car, if you are selling it for a relatively lower price, the sale is likely to be faster. However, a high-priced car takes a considerable amount of time before someone who’s willing to pay the right amount shows up.

  • Advertise your car

Advertising your car means your car is officially ready for sale. There are multiple ways to advertise, such as through word of mouth, putting a “for sale” sign on your car window or bumper, or putting it online on trading platforms.

 Once the car is sold, take the ad down.

  • Deal with the buyer

If a serious potential buyer comes along, they will ask to check your car physically. For that, your car has to be in perfect physical condition.

Make sure you are meeting a potential buyer in a safe, public place, to avoid scams.

If they seem interested, take them on a test drive. If they ask for an inspection, let them know that they can bring their own auto repairman or you can take them to yours.

And just like this, you can sell your car in an easy way,


Now you know all the best ways to sell your car and all the steps to sell it the right way. Selling a car can be a hectic job, but doing it right saves you from a lot of problems that come along the way.

Make sure you follow all the steps to prevent any troubles in the future. Good luck!


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