Common Car Troubles, Their Causes and Solutions

Common Car Troubles, Their Causes and Solutions

If you own a car, you might know that problems occur from time to time in every vehicle. Some problems you can solve yourself, and some need a visit to an auto repair shop. However big or small a problem might be, it is best to never ignore it – because it can transform into even a bigger problem if left unsolved.

No one knows about every car issue there is; however, there are some car troubles that are most likely to occur at least once (more than that in general) in your car-driving life. So, it is best that you know about that, so you can get it treated accordingly.

This article covers five basic and most likely problems you can face in your car. Let’s learn about how they are caused and how they can be treated.

1.     A Warning Light

A warning light is probably one of the most common car problems to occur in a modern-built car. A lot of people shove this issue under the rug, thinking it’s not really an error and just a defect – and most of the time, people regret it.

A warning light is a signal that one of the sensors in your car has detected an error – and it highlights that error to the ECU (engine control unit). Potentially, a warning light could mean any one of the 200 error codes. And instead of ignoring it, it is best to take your car to a professional who will check the system and figure out the warning code. After a professional repairman finds the source of the warning light error, necessary repairs can be carried out.

After the warning code is found by the repairman, you can choose whether to get that error fixed or not, but a sensible decision will be to get it fixed as soon as possible.

2.     Transmission Problem

It often happens when you are starting your car and it doesn’t accelerate; a lot of thoughts come to your mind – what can be the problem? Well, most of the time, in that case, poor transmission is one of the most common problems with cars.

Transmission’s job is to transmit the power of your car’s engine to its wheels. If the transmission is not working, then you are stuck.

The thing is: transmission problems don’t always occur instantly. When the car is about to have transmission problems, it will start hinting at you whenever you drive it. And it is extremely important to catch that hint and get your car repaired before it turns into a bigger and costlier transmission problem.

The hints that your car is having transmission problems are grinding, slipping, shaking at different speeds, jumping when you change gears during acceleration, and a burnt smell from the hood.

3.     Car Stalling

A lot of people that occasional car stalling is not a big deal – it happens but it always gets fixed by itself, right? Well, what if your car stalls at an intersection or a highway? You cannot risk it.

a stalling car usually occurs when there are root causes that can create much more damage. These causes can be anything from a clogged oil filter to poor spark plugs. And if you get regular maintenance of your car, all these issues can be prevented.

You might think that sitting through the annoyance of occasional stalling is worth saving the money you’d otherwise spend on repairs, but it is not only annoying, it is also quite dangerous. Not being a reasonable driver and not driving in safe and sensible conditions is one of the major causes of fatal road accidents.

So, if you ever notice that your car is stalling, you need to take it for a visit to an auto repair shop and get the problem eradicated as soon as possible.

4.     Electronic Malfunction

If you have a newer car of a newer built and model, it is possible that you face a problem related to electronics. Sometimes, these issues arise because drivers aren’t completely familiar with the electronic car problems and their solutions. Other times, it is a genuine malfunction of the electronics, because owners report to face these issues even after a car has been a few years old and they are quite familiar with all the functions.

Whether the issue is with your car’s infotainment system, side mirrors, door locks, or lighting, the most likely cause of that issue is a weak battery. In fact, in the first four to five years of owning a car, the most likely problem you will face will be the electronic malfunction somewhere in the car’s features, the cause behind which would be a weak battery.

A lot of newer cars don’t have a battery now that they were used to have; they last as little as a couple of years, so you need to keep a lookout for a weak battery in order to rectify the problems occurring in your car’s electronics.

You can keep your battery regularly in check through testing the signs of trouble – if there are some signs, replacing the battery might be your best option to get rid of the problem(s) once and for all.

Apart from the shorter time period, a car that’s been sitting for a very long time is also a cause of death or dead battery. Moreover, using bad-quality cables to connect devices, or leaving devices, like USB or charger, plugged in the vehicle while you are not driving also drains the battery and makes it weak.

5.     Leaning Steering

When you leave the steering of your car while driving on the road, does it keep going straight or lists slightly in one direction than another? If your answer is the latter, your car has a leaning steering problem. That is because naturally, a car should always go straight ahead if it’s not being steered.

When your wheels are out of alignment, the problem of leaned steering occurs. Unaligned wheels are also bad for your fuel consumption and vehicle handling. Before this problem becomes serious enough to make the wheels lost their entire grip on the road, get it fixed. Align your wheels regularly as part of the vehicle tuning.


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